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17 Best Golf Simulators in Greeley, CO

Greeley is a great place to play golf. These are the top spots with an indoor golf simulator around the city.

Discover the perfect swing as we discover the best indoor golf simulators in Greeley. From downtown hubs to suburban gems, each spot combines cutting-edge technology with top-notch facilities, offering an unmatched golfing experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Join us as we explore how these state-of-the-art simulators are transforming the local golf scene.

The Local Drive

10/10 (33 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 303-918-8648

The Local Drive in Longmont is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to have a fun and memorable time. With top-tier golf simulators, amazing craft cocktails, and a welcoming atmosphere, this place offers something for everyone. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable, creating delicious drinks made from local ingredients. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer, you’ll have a blast here. From date nights to team building events, The Local Drive is the perfect place to enjoy a unique experience. Don’t miss out on this fantastic addition to the Longmont area!

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Stick & Feather

10/10 (89 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 720-900-2292

Stick & Feather is a hidden gem for golfers of all levels. With spacious bays, top-notch technology, and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to work on your swing or just have fun with friends. The staff, including owners like Jeff and Ry, are friendly and helpful, making the experience even more enjoyable. Despite the lack of a liquor license, Stick & Feather offers a premium simulator experience with a variety of courses to choose from. Whether you’re looking to improve your game or simply have a good time, Stick & Feather is a must-visit destination in Denver.

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Virtual Tee Systems LLC

10/10 (34 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 720-660-4504

Virtual Tee Systems LLC is a top-tier golf simulator company that delivers exceptional quality and service. Their team exceeded expectations with high-quality simulator installations, earning praise for their professionalism and attention to detail. Customers rave about their passion for golf, realistic simulator experience, and improved game performance. Virtual Tee offers cost-effective solutions and handles every aspect of the project, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all clients. Whether you’re looking for a commercial quality simulator for your home or a fun golfing experience, Virtual Tee is highly recommended by satisfied customers.

The Local Drive

10/10 (101 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 720-672-2802

The Local Drive is a top-notch establishment with excellent service and top-of-the-line golf simulators. The cocktails are creative and delicious, making it a great spot for both golfers and non-golfers alike. The ambiance is upscale and welcoming, perfect for socializing with friends or hosting events. The staff, including Meryl, Jay, Brian, and Alec, provide exceptional service and create a fun atmosphere. With advanced technology, a wide selection of drinks, and a friendly staff, The Local Drive is a must-visit destination for a great time in Denver.

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Virtual Tee Systems LLC

10/10 (8 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 719-428-0280

Virtual Tee Systems LLC, led by owner Mike Boire, offers an exceptional golf simulator experience. From seamless communication to top-notch professionalism, they deliver unparalleled quality and on-time delivery. The team’s expertise, fair pricing, and attention to detail ensure a fantastic setup tailored to any golfer’s needs. With a personal touch and ongoing support, they create a stress-free experience for avid golfers all year round. Whether a scratch player or weekend hack, Virtual Tee Systems LLC is the go-to choice for a superior golf simulator solution. Highly recommended for a truly outstanding experience.

Over Flyte Denver

9.8/10 (33 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 303-906-2023

Over Flyte Denver is truly a hidden gem in Central Park area. With a variety of activities like golf simulators, axe throwing, ping pong, and a full bar, there’s something for everyone. The staff, especially Max and Alexia, are incredibly friendly and accommodating, adding to the overall fantastic experience. The golf simulators are top-notch, offering a wide range of courses to play on. The atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming, making it a perfect spot to hang out with friends and family. Highly recommended for a fun and memorable time!

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The Hangar Club

9.8/10 (54 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 720-500-1141

The Hangar Club in Denver is the ultimate golf simulator experience with cutting-edge Trackman technology and spacious bays. The atmosphere is cool and upscale, perfect for socializing or working on your game. The staff is welcoming and knowledgeable, especially golf instructor Jamie White, who has transformed many players’ games. The venue offers great food, drinks, and a luxe ambiance, making it a top choice for golf enthusiasts of all levels. With personalized instruction, top-tier technology, and a fun environment, The Hangar Club is a must-visit for anyone looking to improve their golf game or enjoy a unique social experience.

One Shot Back

9.8/10 (157 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 720-524-6353

One Shot Back in downtown Denver is not only a premier indoor golf facility but also a top-notch bar with creative cocktails. The venue hosts events flawlessly, with festive décor, attentive staff, and customizable drink packages. Whether you’re into golf or just looking for a fun atmosphere, this hidden gem offers a variety of games like pool and shuffleboard. The hospitality, cleanliness, and delicious drinks make it a go-to spot for parties or a casual night out. The friendly staff, modern simulators, and reasonable prices ensure a great time for friends and family. Can’t wait to go back!

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Hensey Sports LLC

9.8/10 (9 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 978-267-5047

Hensey Sports LLC is the go-to golf facility in Denver, praised for Jon’s top-notch service and accurate club fittings. Customers appreciate the thorough and professional fitting process, with many reporting immediate improvements in their game after purchasing clubs. The staff is described as friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping golfers find the perfect equipment. Jon’s expertise and attention to detail make him a trusted resource for golfers of all levels. With a beautiful simulator bay and a range of top-quality equipment, Hensey Sports LLC is highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their golf game.

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The TRN Grandview

9.8/10 (46 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 303-720-6469

The TRN Grandview in Olde Town Arvada is a hidden gem for golf lovers and casual visitors alike. With top-notch golf simulators, free putt-putt golf, and a welcoming patio with fire pits and food trucks, there is something for everyone. The staff is friendly and attentive, making you feel right at home. Whether you’re hosting a party, looking for a fun spot for happy hour, or simply want to practice your swing, The TRN Grandview is the perfect destination. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to the Olde Town area – you’ll keep coming back for more!

X-Golf Fort Collins

9.6/10 (154 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 970-614-5750

X-Golf Fort Collins is a hidden gem that provides a fun and welcoming atmosphere for golf enthusiasts of all levels. The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure every customer has an enjoyable experience. With top-notch simulators, great courses to play, and a full bar offering, it is the perfect spot to practice your swing, take lessons, or enjoy a fun night out with family and friends. The community vibe, engaging events like trivia nights, and exceptional service make X-Golf a must-visit destination for any golf lover, especially during the winter months.

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Optimum Golf – RiNo

9.6/10 (30 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 720-398-8440

Optimum Golf – RiNo is a top-notch facility for golf enthusiasts of all levels. The indoor golf experience is affordable with automatic putting and good ball tracking. The friendly staff, including instructor Brad Alston, provides invaluable lessons, resulting in significant improvements in players’ games. The atmosphere is cozy, perfect for a fun practice session or to enjoy time with friends and family. With the latest technology and knowledgeable staff, Optimum Golf – RiNo offers a unique and enjoyable golfing experience.

Optimum Golf – Park Hill

9.6/10 (54 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 970-505-9166

Optimum Golf at Park Hill offers top-notch golf instruction and a friendly, helpful staff. The simulators are accurate and reliable, allowing players to improve their game by analyzing specific data. Owner Mike Tomasi is knowledgeable and dedicated to providing a quality experience. The facility is great for practice, lessons, and enjoying a fun time. Customers appreciate the affordable prices and the welcoming atmosphere. If you’re looking to enhance your golf skills in Denver, Optimum Golf is the place to go.

Harmony Golf Club

9.6/10 (78 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 970-482-4653

Harmony Golf Club is a hidden gem in Northern Colorado, offering a unique and challenging layout that is sure to please any golfer. The staff, especially Chris Bumford, goes above and beyond to provide top-notch service and make guests feel welcome. The well-maintained course, friendly staff, and fantastic clubhouse restaurant make for an unforgettable experience. With attentive service, beautiful surroundings, and a relaxed atmosphere, Harmony Golf Club is a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts.

Highland Hills Golf Course

9.4/10 (13 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 970-353-4653

Highland Hills Golf Course in Greeley is a hidden gem and a favorite among locals. The challenging layout rewards skilled golfers who can shape their shots. Some visitors wish for a par three course, but overall, the course is well-loved by regulars and visitors alike. With its lush trees and well-maintained greens, it’s the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon on the fairways.

South Broadway Country Club

9.4/10 (31 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 970-631-8642

South Broadway Country Club in Fort Collins is a must-visit spot for golf enthusiasts. The golf simulators offer a top-of-the-line experience, with Trackman technology for accurate tracking and realistic graphics. The atmosphere is inviting, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the drinks are delightful. Whether you’re looking to practice your swing, take lessons from a pro, or simply hang out with friends, South Broadway Country Club has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this gem in Old Town!

59th Avenue Grill

9.4/10 (10 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 970-330-2695

59th Avenue Grill offers a fun atmosphere with great customer service. The tasty food, especially the smothered beef and bean burrito, receives high praise. However, some customers note that the service can be slower than expected. Overall, the amazing staff adds to the enjoyable experience at this golf place.

Highland Park Lanes

9.2/10 (704 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 970-330-2695

Highland Park Lanes is a fantastic family establishment with friendly staff and clean facilities. The food is very good and the atmosphere is welcoming. The pro shop has knowledgeable and helpful staff, making it easy for customers to get new gear. The lanes are well-maintained and the prices are reasonable. Overall, a highly recommended bowling alley with great service and a fun atmosphere for all ages.

Optimum Golf Thornton

9.2/10 (16 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 720-672-0625

Optimum Golf in Thornton is a promising facility with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Jake, in particular, stands out as being awesome, super helpful, and patient with beginners. The simulator is accurate, but the setup seems to be a work in progress. Despite some initial frustrations with lack of assistance, the overall experience is positive with great potential for growth. Club fitting, lessons, and golf games are all part of the offerings, making it a great spot for both experienced golfers and those new to the game. Recommended for anyone looking for a golfing experience in the area.

Highland Hills Golf Course

9/10 (184 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 970-353-4653

Highland Hills Golf Course offers a challenging and beautiful course, but the overgrown rough can make it frustrating to find your ball. The driving range has received mixed reviews, with some finding it subpar. The course itself is well-maintained and has a friendly staff. However, some have had negative experiences with the course ranger, feeling rushed and pressured. Overall, it seems to be a decent course with a variety of amenities, but improvements in certain areas may enhance the overall experience for golfers.