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19 Best Golf Simulators in Newark, NJ

Newark is a great place to play golf. These are the top spots with an indoor golf simulator around the city.

Discover the perfect swing as we discover the best indoor golf simulators in Newark. From downtown hubs to suburban gems, each spot combines cutting-edge technology with top-notch facilities, offering an unmatched golfing experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Join us as we explore how these state-of-the-art simulators are transforming the local golf scene.

Montclair Indoor Golf Club

10/10 (4 reviews)

Website | Directions

Five Iron Golf – The Loop is a must-visit spot in Chicago. The customer service, particularly from staff members like Phil, Justin, and Rick, is superb. They go above and beyond to ensure guests have a fantastic experience, whether it’s explaining how the indoor golfing works, recommending clubs, or providing exceptional care. The atmosphere is welcoming, the food and drink selection is top-notch, and the overall vibe is perfect for a fun time. The staff members like Nash, Jack, and Kacey are friendly, helpful, and create a memorable experience. I highly recommend this place for a great time!

West End Golf Club

10/10 (13 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 201-499-1600

Gungho Golf – Home Golf Simulator Solutions provides a range of helpful resources for setting up a home or commercial golf simulator. They offer detailed articles on lighting, enclosures, building guides, and software comparison. Customers praise their knowledge, thoughtful insights, excellent products, pricing, and exceptional customer service, with quick responses to inquiries. However, there are some grievances regarding delayed shipping and inconsistent communication, leading to missed install deadlines. Despite this, Gungho Golf remains a valuable source for golf simulator enthusiasts seeking guidance and high-quality products for their setups.

Go Low Indoor Golf

10/10 (20 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 732-798-9061

Rev’s Golf Lounge in Highland Village is a hidden gem that exceeds all expectations. With top-notch technology in four bays, a welcoming atmosphere created by owner Cody, and a friendly, helpful staff, this place is a must-visit for golf enthusiasts. The BYOB policy adds to the relaxed and enjoyable experience, making it perfect for a fun night out with friends or family. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to practice or a beginner wanting to learn, Rev’s Golf Lounge has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this fantastic destination for a unique and tech-savvy golfing experience. ⛳🌟

Chip + Birdie’s

10/10 (17 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 908-543-4497

X-Golf Rockwall is a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike. The state-of-the-art simulators offer a fun and accurate golfing experience. The staff, especially Jasmine, is friendly and attentive, ensuring a great time. The food and drinks are top-notch, creating a lively atmosphere. While the putting simulation may not mirror a real green, it’s still enjoyable. However, some guests noted feeling rushed towards the end of their session. Overall, X-Golf Rockwall is a fantastic spot to work on your swing, enjoy good company, and have a blast indoors.


10/10 (67 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 732-448-2769

X-Golf Frisco is a fantastic indoor golf simulator experience with top-notch technology, spacious rooms, and excellent food and drinks. The pretzel is huge and the potstickers are delicious. The staff is friendly, helpful, and really make the experience enjoyable. The simulator provides detailed shot data and swing analysis, making it great for improving your game. While some customers mention subpar service, overall, the atmosphere is fun and welcoming. Whether you’re looking to improve your golf game or just have a good time with friends and family, X-Golf Frisco is a top choice in Texas. Can’t wait to go back!

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Golf Kings

10/10 (20 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 732-800-6923

Eight Under by Mike Bury Golf is a top-notch indoor golf facility in Dallas, offering the latest Trackman technology for swing analysis and improvement. The comfortable and clean environment, along with the expert instruction from owner Mike Bury, make it a fantastic place to work on your game and escape the Texas heat. The facility offers a range of practice options and the ability to play various courses, providing a fun and productive experience for golfers of all levels. Overall, Eight Under comes highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their golf skills in a upscale and welcoming setting.

Tee 2 Green Indoor Golf Center

10/10 (66 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 732-876-4609

HIO Indoor Golf offers a clean, friendly, and air-conditioned environment perfect for escaping the Texas heat. The simulator technology provides accurate readings and plenty of data to improve your game. The staff is welcoming and accommodating, making for a fantastic experience overall. The private bays are a great feature, and the hitting mats adjust to your ball lie, adding to the fun and challenge. Despite small issues like manual ball return and a few technical glitches, this facility is highly recommended for golfers of all levels looking to practice or play in a comfortable indoor setting.

The Eagle Club

10/10 (7 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 908-879-7090

City Golf Club is a fantastic place to learn and practice golf. The instructor, Jonathan, is patient, clear, and encouraging, making it a great experience for beginners. The video technology used to analyze swings is very helpful, allowing for personalized feedback and improvement. The facility is clean and easy to use, making it a top choice for anyone looking to improve their golf game. Overall, a highly recommended spot for both beginners and experienced players alike.

IDG CLUB Golf & Cafe

9.8/10 (77 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 973-246-4402

The Golf Station in Hurst, TX is a top-notch golf facility offering professional club fittings and expert advice. Tim Brantley and his team are highly knowledgeable and provide a thorough and detailed fitting process, ensuring each customer leaves with the perfect equipment for their game. The state-of-the-art facility includes a huge simulator and a computerized putting green. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, The Golf Station is the go-to place for all your golfing needs. With outstanding customer service and a wide selection of merchandise, this shop comes highly recommended for any golfer in the DFW area.

GolfCave Green Brook – Indoor Golf

9.8/10 (51 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 732-382-2283

Crush It! Sports Lounge is a must-visit spot for a fun and entertaining time. From delicious food options including dairy and gluten-free choices to attentive and friendly service, it’s a hit for all ages. The venue is perfect for celebrations – whether it’s a birthday, company event, or a family outing. With a variety of games, including golf simulators, the atmosphere is welcoming and exciting. The staff, like Mary and Tricia, go above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience. Overall, Crush It! Sports Lounge offers a fantastic combination of food, drinks, games, and top-notch service that will keep you coming back for more.

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Ready to Golf

9.8/10 (130 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 609-388-7728

Golf Aero Flight School in Arlington, Texas, is a mixed bag of reviews. While some students praise the professionalism of the staff and the owner, Mr. Karthikey, others have raised concerns about the maintenance of the aircraft and communication issues. Despite some negative reviews, students appreciate the affordable prices, friendly atmosphere, and the focus on time-building. The school is described as accommodating and flexible, with some students feeling like part of a family. Overall, Golf Aero seems to offer a range of experiences, from highly positive to disappointing, making it a diverse choice for aspiring pilots.

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Golfzon Range by Leadbetter

9.8/10 (40 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 201-983-0215

Visiting Waterchase Golf Club was a pleasant surprise. The course is well-maintained, with fast greens that provide a challenge to golfers of all skill levels. The staff at the clubhouse were friendly and accommodating, making the overall experience enjoyable. The layout of the course is scenic and diverse, offering a mix of forested and open areas that keep each hole engaging. The course conditions were superb, even in the Texas heat. While the pace of play could be slow at times, the quality of the course and friendly staff made up for it. A great value for a memorable round of golf.

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The Golf Den

9.8/10 (47 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 732-366-9022

Bob Moore’s Sports Center is a cash-only golf place with a great driving range and batting cages. They offer bucket deals for golf balls and have friendly, helpful staff. The range has both grass and mats for teeing off, with built-in rubber tees. The putt and chip areas are available as well. Overall, the prices are reasonable, but make sure to bring cash as they do not accept cards. The facility has undergone major upgrades recently, including a new putting green. Despite some minor issues with equipment and operational hours, it remains a popular spot for a quick practice session.

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Edge Golf

9.8/10 (34 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 201-499-1660

Fit2Score Golf Club Fitting and Custom Clubs is a golfer’s paradise. Russ, an expert in golf equipment, meticulously crafts custom clubs with attention to detail that is truly impressive. His in-depth knowledge of different shaft manufacturers and club profiles adds a fascinating element to the fitting process. While some may have had mixed experiences, the majority of customers have seen significant improvements in their game after visiting Russ. From adding yards to drives to getting fitted for irons and fairway woods, Russ goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are satisfied. A visit to Fit2Score Golf Club Fitting and Custom Clubs promises an unforgettable and beneficial experience.

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The Clubhouse | Eat • Drink • Golf

9.6/10 (130 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 973-396-0515

The Sandy Pickle at The Village Dallas is a hidden gem centrally located in Dallas. The outdoor bar offers food, drinks, and games like sand volleyball, pickleball, and golf. The staff is friendly and accommodating, especially Grant, Cole, and Becca. The guacamole with taro chips and chicken skewers are delicious. The golf simulator is a lot of fun, and the pickleball courts are well-kept. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the service is top-notch with great bartenders like Cole. Overall, it’s a fun place to hang out with friends and enjoy a variety of activities.

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Golf Kings

9.6/10 (68 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 732-800-6923

The Shack Indoor Golf Club in Glenview is a hidden gem with exceptional staff and top-notch Trackman golf simulators. The venue offers a great bar, delicious food, and a welcoming atmosphere for parties and casual visits. The friendly staff, including Nick, Pete, and Ed, provide excellent customer service. With multiple screens, clean facilities, and a fantastic beer selection, this is the perfect spot for indoor golf practice, watching the game, or enjoying a meal with friends. Overall, The Shack offers a unique and outstanding entertainment experience that golfers and visitors alike will appreciate.

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GolfCave Clark – Indoor Golf

9.4/10 (47 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 732-382-2283

Golf Galaxy offers a large selection of golf equipment and apparel, with knowledgeable and friendly staff who go above and beyond for customers. Customers praise the fitting services, helpful employees like Justin, Alex, Daniel, and Chris, as well as excellent customer service from staff like Jeff and Alan. However, some reviewers had negative experiences with lackluster customer service, slow checkout processes, and unhelpful employees. Overall, Golf Galaxy has a variety of options for all golfing needs, but some customers recommend checking out other stores like PGA Superstore for a better experience.

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Greens Indoor Golf & Cafe

9.2/10 (37 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 973-320-7122

Divots Golf Anchorage is the perfect spot for a great golfing experience during the cold weather. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to help with any equipment questions or tech support. The top-of-the-line simulators offer a variety of courses for players of all levels. The industrial decor, selection of beverages, and snacks add to the immersive experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the private booths offer a quiet and enjoyable atmosphere. Overall, Divots Golf Anchorage is a hidden gem in Anchorage, with exceptional customer service and a fun environment for friends and families to enjoy a round of golf.

Players Club Virtual Golf

9.2/10 (72 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 201-483-9690

The atmosphere at Anchorage Golf Lounge is peaceful and the owner is very friendly, creating a welcoming experience for guests. The quiet surroundings make it an enjoyable place to practice golf without distractions.

Raritan Ridge Indoor Golf

9.2/10 (14 reviews)

Website | Directions | +1 908-644-0482

Experience The Green, an indoor immersive golf-simulation venue perfect for all skill levels. From arcade-style games to virtual courses, you can enjoy alone or with friends. The trendy mid-century modern decor, delicious food like Margherita flatbread and Skillet Cookie, along with creative cocktails such as The Green and John Daly, add to the experience. With accommodating staff, state-of-the-art technology, and a great atmosphere, it’s a must-visit spot for date nights, girls’ nights, or casual rounds. The covered parking, league events, and flexible event hosting make it a top choice in the city for a fun and interactive indoor golf experience.